Journey Thru Grief
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About Me

At sometime in every person's life, we experience the death of some one close to us, generally a family member, whether it was a grandparent, great-grandparent, parent, etc. My early experiences include the loss of my great-grandparents, great-aunt and grandfather. Out of all of these, the one I felt the closest to was my grandfather. Being the oldest child in my family, I was also the oldest grandchild. He passed on from an illness when I was a teenager. I am sure it was his illness that helped me to chose my career as a nurse. My grandmother passed away at the age of 92 in March 2004.  She will always be an inspiration to me.

In 1973, I married my high school sweetheart. Our marriage lasted 4 years. We had two wonderful sons during this time. In 1977, I was involved in an accident in the mountains of Neveda. Our oldest son was killed. He was 28 months old. My marriage ended in divorce. I went on a self-destruct path with my life, running from relationship to relationship. I felt so empty. In 1982, God sent me a gift. I met the man of my dreams. We were married in 1983. In 1984, my father passed away from a long illness and the husband was transferred to another part of the state. My world began to fall apart.

In 1985, my world began to fall apart. I found myself one night, in a motel room. I wanted to run away from life. I was in a major depression and didn't even realize it and how unresolved grief was causing all my unhappiness. Soon, I began intense counseling. Thru the counseling, I learned to deal with the guilt of the accident that killed my son. I learned to resolve the relationship with my father, even after his death. I began to heal and at the same time, I began the spiritual journey of learning who I was, the person that was so lost in life.

In June 1999, our youngest child left home. On July 2nd, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. On July 10th, my husband had a heart attack and did not survive. My world turned upside down.